Let’s talk about Stripes

I have a love and hate relationship with stripes. This has never been one of my favorite patterns to wear. It makes you look bigger and wider even if you haven’t had lunch yet! Though whenever I go to a boutique or the mall, I always end up buying a stripe shirt or stripe skirt. My favorite is a black and white striped skirt

I am doing my purging right now and I have just noticed that I did incur a lot of these designs over the past two years. Some of them worn once and never again after I have been told that I look like I gained weight while others were still in their original packaging.

The safest stripes that I have bought were my bags and underwear. LOL!

Instead of sending these stripes away, I thought of giving it one last try and searched the web for ways to wear this style.

Though not plus size, I decided to have a look on a few how-to articles for inspiration. Here are some of the points that I have picked up.

Vertical or Diagonal stripes

Once you pick or check for skirts or dresses with stripes, try to look for vertical stripes rather than the horizontal ones. This is so it gives the illusion of your height rather than your weight. As for the diagonal, they will not associate it with your hips because visually, they don’t see it that way.

Layer up

If you will be wearing a black and white stripes skirt, wear a plain top and layer it up with say a jacket or coat that has a length just below your thighs. This is so that instead of them look as if it’s widening you up, it cuts that visual but rather outlines the curves of your body.

Highlight your features

If you are wearing a stripes skirt, try to get the one with the slit to break the stripes and they see your legs.

With all of these fashion inspiration, I am now enticed to get myself a new black and white stripes skirt. I found these cute skirts here on this cool shopping app! Check out Resultly here. ASOS and Forever 21 also had some cool ones too.Both sites have it in long, midi and mini, take your pick.

To inspire me even more, I have checked on how celebrities wear these skirts. Beyonce strutted the skirt with style. The stripes on her skirt are not the same size as her top. All the more, she also followed the rule of highlighting your features because she wore fuchsia-colored pumps to complete her look and compliment her legs and booty. The entire outfit kind of played with the human eye and it worked because I also got distracted with her shoes.

black and white striped skirt

Another celeb inspiration is Jessica Biel. She was actually wearing stripes over stripes over denim – simple and casual.

Since I have these inspirations, let me go back to my purging, save these skirts and my stripes too.

Leather Dresses – Don’t Be Afraid

Leather dress is one of my favorite dresses I have… I know, many girls are scared to pull any leather looks; but in my opinion, the leather dress is very easy to wear.


My love to leather dress had started a couple of years ago, when I was still in college and was thinking to change my street chic style for good and be more sexy and fun at the same time. However, I also wanted to be able to be professional when I had to go to a job interview or some special event like gala or fund raiser.

A very good friend of mine recommended me to use Resultly for shopping online, since I never had time to go to hundreds of stores, so that is where I got my very first leather dress.  That app is still my “go to” when I need to buy anything from home stuff to clothes; it is very easy to use and you can find anything at the same very second from different stores. Some of my friends still prefer to shop in department stores and I did see some good dresses in Macy’s, if you are not a big fan of online shopping in general.

So, after I got my first leather dress (it was around one hundred twenty dollars), I became totally obsessed it! Right now, I have at least five  different dresses, and plus, I have tons of leather skirts, tops and jeans. I know… Sounds pretty crazy.

If you ask me, how is it practical and where one can wear so many leather dresses, I will tell you, “Everywhere”.

I love love to wear my classic leather dress to my new job in downtown. I always put a blazer on top or a sweater and it looks very professional.

I wear my short one for a night out with girls or on a date with my handsome boyfriend. My friends love it and I always hear tons of compliments from my boyfriend and just regular people on the street.

One of my favorite dresses is kind of long but has an open back. I always wear it to a gala or a very special occasion, holiday, or someone’s birthday.

My other leather things like jeans and skirts, I usually wear with sweaters during the day;office, shopping, or to a lunch with my friends.

The one recommendation I would give one is that not to overdo with this hot leather look. Do not try to put all the leather you have in your closet at the same time. Mix it up girls! If leather shoes is always the right choice, the leather necklace and leather dress with another leather jacket on top will not ever work good for you!

mixing patterns: chevron + stripes

It is time to mix up those prints! No, I’m not crazy, I’m fashion forward. Chevron and stripes can totally be worn together. I’m not kidding, this is totes legit. All you need is a chevron skirt and a striped shirt. Seriously, it will look really good. Just check the photo below if you don’t believe me.

chevron skirt

Check yourself before you wreck yourself! That outfit looks stunning! I’m loving how effortless it looks. A chevron skirt paired with a striped shirt can work! The key is pair colors that look good together. Also notice how the chevron patter on the skirt is much thicker than the stripe pattern on the skirt. Also note the tailoring of the chevron skirt and the striped shirt. They fit her well. Another reason this outfit works is that she is waring classic pieces that are not to short! YES! if this was a mini skirt this look would not work, but that fact that the chevron skirt hits just above the knee makes this look work.  Her jewelry and accessories are also on point. Those shoes are killer and so is that clutch.

Now that you have the basics down it is time to find yourself a chevron skirt. I really like the shopping app; resultly! Their search feature makes it really easy to find tons of chevron skirt options. You can check them out here.

When it comes to picking your striped shirt, I highly recommend getting one in that same blue family. J. Crew has a lot of options. Click here to see them.

Gosh, I’m just obsessed with this look! I can’t wait to try it on my own. I even found a similar pair of shoes. I even found a similar pair of shoes from Rebecca Taylor. So cute! Click here to see more info about them.

red shoes

Okay, now that we have the chevron skirt, striped shirt, and red shoes we need to focus on that super cute white clutch and statement necklace. I feel like I have a similar clutch in my closet. Doesn’t everyone? So that is all good. Then for the statement necklace, I’m sure you can get a similar one from Forever 21, Charming Charlier or similar store.

So, you ready to mix your prints? Who knew a chevron skirt and striped shirt would look so good together? Ready, set, MIX THOSE PRINTS :)


Bridesmaids in Blue

Planning a wedding in just 3 months time! Okay, to start give you a big background on my case. Last October my officemate is asking me to help her out in planning her wedding day this end of December 2014, so I was thinking 3 months to prepare for your wedding! Are you serious? Do you really want this wedding prepared? What’s the rush girl? I mean 3 months! Wedding planning takes at least 6 months! And I am not even an events organizer or an expert on those things to successfully plan a wedding in 3 months! But she insisted that I have been doing events organizing (though non professionally) with my friends, school organizations and etc and since I am a fashion designer myself, she entrusts them all to me and wants me to take it as a challenge. Well, that is one hell of a challenge! But with her persuasion and all, I accept the challenge! Oh God! So where do I start.

I started finding on the Internet what are the colour trends this holiday/fall 2014. According to Fashionisers.com, and of all the colors that are trending like, white and ethereal black, orange and cognac brown. Blue is what caught mostly my attention, since I know for a fact that it is one of her favourite hues (luck is really by my side right now! *wink!) And it is still there for the coming Spring Summer 2015 trend. Here’s one trend that Fashionisers noticed:

blue fashion trends

Navy blue have been striking and quite steady fashion shade in the fashion industry this fall, many fashion shows of many fashion houses have managed to interpret their collections with the use navy blue hues with combination of other colours as uniquely and interesting as possible. I can’t help but also notice two shades of blue that are regally deluxe and lavish hues those are Bright Cobalt and Royal Blue, which also had their significant place among the many fashion houses great pieces. So I presented the swatches of different kinds of blue. Hoping that she would love it. I liked cobalt blue the most, so I also did a quick search for a cobalt blue dress at http://www.result.ly/Search/cobalt%20blue%20dress.

And as I expected, she dig all the hues of my swatches and took her a very long time to decide on the theme of her wedding! Well, that is obviously acceptable since we are talking about her BIG DAY. Well I must say that I am surprised that she and I agreed on having Cobalt Blue as the color of her magical day. She planned that her entourage will be wearing this colour while she will wear a pure white wedding gown. I am leaning toward this dress from Le Chateau: http://www.lechateau.com/style/jump/MATTE+SATIN+CUTOUT+PRINCESS+DRESS/productDetail/Women/327405/.

cobalt blue dress

Her venue would be an effortlessly minimalist yet breathe talking view, she liked the place to be a mix of slate gray, a little black with an accent of cobalt blue. The places and catering have been taken care of, now it’s time for me to sketch her entourage and wedding gown.

My Leopard Coat is Everything

First things first I’m a realist. And here’s a piece of the most real information you’re about to get, FO FREE. Leopard coat’s are and mean so much right now.

leopard coat     leopard coat


The coat on the left is from Revolve clothing and the one on the right is from Free People. For more super fab leopard coats check out Resultly.

Alright, so shall we get down to the nitty gritty of why you NEED one of these bad boys. And yes my friends and foes, I do mean bad boy. First of all look at the two images above. There is honestly no better way to feel like a super chic, super B.A.D girl in one of these. The Free People model is killing it with a wide brimmed hat, which is so one point might I add. Then you have the girlfriend on the left who is just straight classy and modern. In all honesty all she’s wearing a pretty generic outfit, black pants, a white v-neck, some black ballet flats, BUT THEN she accessorizes her outfit with the lightweight leopard jacket. Walking down the street she’s a super fashionable diva, and then sitting at her desk she’s a rock star employee! The perfect combination :)

So that’s definitely one reason why I love this look, it’s a great accessory for your style in addition to being very practical, but I also love it for another reason.. it’s different.

Walk down any major city, college campus, mall drive, or wherever else your travels take you and take a look around. Everyone is wearing one of basically four colors: black, gray, navy, or forest green. It’s a rare occurrence that you’ll see something so wild and different as a leopard coat in the heart of any season. I’m not telling you to go lime green or bright orange, we aren’t construction workers ladies, but I think a super chic print like so, weather it’s more the gray tone or tan, it will stand you out from the crowd while still matching with the rest of your wardrobe.

So those are my top two reasons to buy a leopard or any other outside the typical winter fashion box this year. Get noticed on the street when you’re all bundled up and no one can barely even see your beautiful face. At least this way you’ll still be catching the eye of someone special! Like I always say, smile makes the heart grow fonder, so as these cold months approach faster and faster, try to stand as tall as you can and put your best fashion stride forward!

Prep School Plaid

I went to prep school all my life and lets just say it was an interesting experience. Ever watch the show Gossip Girl? It was kind of like that. However, there was one thing that did get instilled in me and that was to always dress your best. In prep school that meant plaid. For some reason we all loved our plaid dresses and skirts. It worked. We owned that preppy style. So, if you want to impress and be best in class you need to dress the part.

Clearly, you need to invest some money in your wardrobe if you want be prep school chic.  Where do you start? With a plaid dress of course. You can find a huge selection on Resultly. They search tons of stores. Check out the link below.


plaid dress

This Ralph Lauren plaid dress is just what you need to get that preppy look. Add a pair of thigh highs and heeled oxfords to really get the full look. A headband and some pearl earrings will also add a very nice touch. Ralph Lauren is a perfect brand to wear to achieve this prep school chic style.  This is the link to your website.  http://www.ralphlauren.com/ I would check it out if I were you.

plaid dress

Another perfectly preppy store to shop at is Brooks Brothers. That is where this lovely little plaid dress is from. You should probably browse their site too.  http://www.brooksbrothers.com/

This plaid dress, yes I said dress, is a great addition to your preppy wardrobe. It may look like this is a skirt and shirt look, but it is actually a plaid dress. Wearing it with tan leather riding boots is another preppy plus. Adding that oxford shirt under was also a great style choice.

If you want to fully embody the prep school plaid trend, it is going to take much more than a plaid dress and some styling. Of course you need to wear some high end jewelry. If its not high end or designer, they will know. I hate to say it, but brand names matter in this world. Those pearls better be real and that purse better not be a fake. I know its harsh, but I speak the truth. However, if you can take these style ideas and bring them to the masses. Just don’t go hanging out at any prep school. Public school kids on the other hand, won’t know the difference.

So remember, plaid dress = prep school chic. Go forth and prep on you style. Or don’t I really don’t care. Being helpful is so hard. Whatever.

LMD: Little Mesh Dress

I know you’ve heard of a little black dress, but have you heard of the little mesh dress?

mesh dress mesh dress

If you keep up with Kendall Jenner like I do, you’ll also find that the dress on the left might look familiar. She was seen wearing a similar ensemble as shown below at the VMA’s.

kendall jenner mesh jumpsuit


Sheer came back into style fast and hard. It was back in before we had the chance to say no. It started with out shirts, then moved to our pants, and now it’s moved to our dresses. And I’l tell you one thing, I’m loving it as a New Year’s Eve dress.  Instead of going for your classic gold, sequin dress, this year you could stop the show with a sheer or mesh dress. Your options to find one are next to limitless, so you can find the perfect combination of sexy and flattering to your body type.

So if you’re trying to go sheer this NYE, read below to find the perfect LMD for your body type:

A is not for apple

For those of you who actually don’t mind eating something every once in a while, I recommend an A-line dress.

mesh dress

A-lines are perfect because they pinch you up at the waist and flare out to hide everything after that. I recommend getting a similar one, especially if you plan to be drinking that night when you’ll want a little extra room for all that liquid.

Short and Skinny

mesh dress

I like to call this style the short and skinny because it’s a short dress for a skinny person. The added sheer material at the bottom add some extra length so regardless of your heel height, you’ll be good to go from the front or the back. It’s also a body con, so just remember your Spanx or to suck it in all night!

The Plunger

mesh dress

This is the plunger for one reason and one reason only, get your mind out of the bathroom. A deep, mesh or sheer plunge is perfect for any girl. If you have a small chest size, this is the perfect way for you to feel more seductive than you normally would. This is also great for women with larger chests because you don’t have to worry about being too exposed. The material over your chest keeps everything on display, like we all love, yet imagine the “you can look but you can’t touch” hanging next to you. It’s the perfect way for an elegant, classy, and sexy outfit.

Check out other sleek mesh dresses I found on Resultly.

So guys i hope you like my ideas for NYE this year. Comment below with what you think or any other fun ideas you have!